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Meet Our Team

A.J. Jepson, CEO/CTO

A.J. has had a love of video games and art since she was a young child. She attended the International Academy of Design & Technology to obtain her degree in order to pursue her passion. She is an accomplished artist and programmer, creating many portraits, games, and various other works of art, over the years. "Art isn't a job. It's a way of life."

Richie Montgomery, COO

Growing up on Final Fantasy and Mountain Dew, Kenneth (Richie) knew a career in games was the only option. He started teaching himself how to create games with adobe actionscript but could only get so far with the tutorials online. He reached out to Full Sail University and is now in the process of getting his Bachelor's degree in Game Design. After graduating in early 2020, he plans on working for small Indie companies where he can make real contributions.

Tony Winrow, CEO/Art Director

Co-founder of TwinRayj Studios Tony is an asset designer who started making games in 2009. He's a west coast native and enjoys playing games as much as making them.

Art Department

Dakota Marquardt, Concept Artist I

Dakota Marquardt is a 21-year-old digital artist who studied Animation & Illustration at SUNY Fredonia for her bachelor's degree. Originally, she had wanted to specifically go into animation after watching the making of Tim Burton's 9, but soon found that conceptual development in video games held stronger interest to her, which led her to the field of game art. She is an avid gamer who enjoys RPGs, and draws inspiration for her work from many sources of the horror genre. She is also the proud owner of a snaggletooth cat named Daisy and loves birds.


Alexandria Irby, 2D Artist/Animator

Alexandria is a 2D Artist/Animator Intern for TwinRayJ Studios. She is a freelance creator specializing in 2D character animation, stop motion, character design, traditional, and digital art. She is a proficient in many animation softwares including Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint, Adobe Animate, and Dragon Frame. Alexandria holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Animation from DePaul University with honors (Cum Laude).


Chardonnay Boyd, 2D Artist/Animator

I'm a young female who spends too much time daydreaming and creating art works. I enjoy concept art for creatures and characters. I enjoy animation and creating new stories. I am excited to begin creating work for the company.

Tech Department

Claude Harrison, Sound Design

When Claude was child, he watched a lot of movies and played tons of video games. He always wondered how those sounds were made and it wasn't until he attended Full Sail University where he´┐Żlearned about all of the work that goes into postproduction and sound design on a professional level. It was then that he realized, that even though he loves the Audio Production side of music, he has grown to enjoy creating his own sounds and bringing game implementation and Postproduction to life.


Day Littwin, QA Tester

Day Littwin is a 19-year-old computer science major. She grew up playing videogames such as World of Warcraft and Kingdom Hearts. Her love for videogames grew into something more as she experimented with programming and story writing. Now, she works to one day become a game designer and create games that can leave a lasting impression on people.

Miles Herget, QA Tester

Miles is 20 years old and is studying Computer Science at Boise State University. He also plays for the varsity Rocket League team in the college's esports program. He has loved games his whole life and is looking to help develop new and better games so others can get at least as much out of them as he has. Other than games, he has started playing piano and violin again after not playing for a few years. And he is hoping to improve his drawing skills.


Jimmie Walker, QA Tester

Jimmie Walker is one of the interns at Twin Ray J Studios. He has experience in creating games and a passion to excel in the creation of video games. As a game designer, he strives to build everything with attention to detail in mind.


Suleman Maqsood, QA Tester

Suleman is currently a student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He is an avid gamer who loves playing RPGs. His love and passion for video games led him to game development and game testing. He loves browsing YouTube and watching Anime in his free time.


Chris Rurka , QA Tester

Chris Rurka is 20 years old, he has been interested in gaming throughout his entire life. He goes to Western Connecticut State University and is going for a major in DIMA (Digital Interactive Media Arts) and wants to go into more of the computer science program, so when he gets out of college he is able to design video games of his own and/or play them as a living.

Alex Khan, QA Tester

Alex Khan is a 24 year old student of Game Design studying at the University of Central Florida. Alex has always had a love for video games from a young age and strives to one day create his own for people to enjoy. Among video games, he has a passion for learning new things and is always looking for a new hobby to pick up.

Adrian Hall, QA Tester

Hello, my name is Adrian! Currently I'm in school working towards a Bachelors in Digital Media and one of my biggest dreams is to work for Riot Games. In my free time I love to draw so 2D art ranging from illustrations, fan art, and digital portraits are some of what I currently draw on Instagram!! I also love to play video games from League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex legends and much more!


Christian Chamberlain, QA Tester

Christian lives in San Diego where he lives with his amazing fiance and their two amazing cats. They continue to motivate him through his journey to become a better designer. Never Stop Making!


Marketing Team

Michael Nally, Marketing Director

Michael Nally is currently a marketing student at Northern Illinois University. He has a passion for playing video games and making content out of it in his free time. He also loves to play baseball and other sports when he can.

Marissa Macedo, Social Media Manager I

Marissa is a 22-year-old marketing and Spanish language student at Northern Illinois University. As an intern for TwinRayj Studios, she hopes to learn a lot about social media marketing and online marketing methods. She has a passion for travel, learning new things, and sleeping when possible.

Deandre Barrett, Social Media Intern

Deandre enjoys playing and testing all types of video games. He's been beta testing for three years now and attends his local community college at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

Jade Walker, Social Media Intern

Jade has a BA in Communications Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University. She enjoys playing many types of video games. She also loves watching and creating content for Doctor Who.

Joe Abudayyeh, Web Designer

Joe has a BS in Psychology with a computational science core from NIU. He has 5 years IT support and data management, 4 years independent research and retail development, and 3 years manufacturing, agricultural, and construction technology experience. Joe is working on a graduate certification program in IS and is revamping and associated ecommerce application using PHP MySQL.

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