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This game is the pinnacle of gaming innovation. I'm not sure how long it's been since I first started playing but there definitely wasn't snow on the ground. I lost my job and my wife left me at some point but when that ball goes into the hole my life has meaning again. As mere humans we are not worthy of such an experience as this. I weep because as a species we are close to extinction since no-one will be leaving their house ever again after playing this game. Then I get the ball in the hole again and the warm fuzzy feeling of success makes all the bad feelings become a fleeting memory.

Matt VanErt, on 'Maze Balls.

Excellent game This game is great! I can't stop playing. The graphics are awesome. The game play is challenging and addictive. Nicely done!

Google User, on Kaplooey! Mastermind.

Very addictive game. As soon as you pass a few levels you can't stop playing. Good range of difficulty, hope more levels get added soon :-)

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